Saturday, February 28, 2009

First Entry - Intro

Hello all!

For those of you who know me, you may or may not (probably wouldn't) realize that this is my first blogging venture since my early-college Livejournaling days. Back then I was a confused little lad trying to sort out my emotions in a public/voyeuristic forum, and livejournal was the perfect fit for those purposes. I must admit, as hokie as it was, and as embarrassed as I would be to even look at it now, getting things written down and having other people read them was quite helpful in its way. 

Things are different now. I am older, and have a fuller sense of self. I still have emotions, and the really complex ones still confuse me, but I have a much clearer perspective on who I am, what I want, and (sometimes) where I'm going. So, what I'm trying to say is: don't expect me to air the tumultuous details of my travels in Love, my family issues, or anything of the sort. This blog will be a different thing entirely. 

I'm creating this because I very much need a space to share my ideas with others. I've been doing a fair amount of writing since I graduated college, and have even completed some pieces. I want to post those, and to use this blog as a motivating force to write more. I'm not sure what sort of audience this will or won't attract, but I do hope to eventually have real readers who are interested in what I have to say and willing to offer useful feedback. 

I'll round this out by decribing my current position in life. I graduted from the College of William and Mary in May 2007, and spent the subsequent year and a half "finding myself" as they say. Through a failed pursuit, an emotional roller coaster ride, the right combination of common illicit drugs, and a lotta help from my friends, I got there. I found my center, met my spirit, and am now ready to offer whatever the world can use of me. Because I want to get to know my family better, I moved back to my hometown of Danville, VA and currently live with my Dad. I work as a waiter at the local Outback Steakhouse, and am *very* ready by this point to leave the food service industry. I have no regrets, but I can definitely appreciate those who make career-oriented decisions when picking their college majors and after-graduation plans. That was never my bag, and I'm satisfied with the hand I'm dealt. 

As far as career plans, I hope to pursue alternative healing/preventative medicine, writing, and performing. This is the year in which I invest in these deeply personal interests. I'm continuing a pursuit that I began over a year ago of perfecting my eating habits, and I joined a gym last week. In the near future, I hope to start taking Tai Chi and singing lessons. Gradually, I will get to the point where I can transition out of shitty, what-I-gotta-do jobs and into moneymaking ventures that further my personal goals. I have faith that this will happen.

I have a tremendous amount of faith in general. I feel the Creator in my every waking moment, and I trust her/his/its movements and design. Without a doubt, a big theme that will develop herein is my walk in faith and how it affects my personal life and my worldview. Many if not all of my posts will in some way relate to my belief in the Divine. Others will wax political and/or poetic. I'm not entirely sure what kinds of pieces will come out of this, but these are previews that I'm confident in offering at this point. 

I could probably go on, but nothing interesting would come of it. If you're real and reading this, thank you, and welcome to the little world that is my mind! Please leave a comment or something. And, I can always be emailed at 

Much love,

Sean Barker

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